Automotive Photography Resources

the best collection of resources to help you on your journey

When I first started shooting and editing I wish I had a page where I could just find all the resources I need. That’s why I’m creating this page, to help you with the resources that I use for my shooting and editing needs.

I will update this page whenever I learn something new, and I’m constantly trying to learn new things so I recommend bookmarking this page for future reference and convenience. Enjoy!

NIKON USA Okay I know not everyone has a Nikon but I do so this is what I use, I’m sure it will helpful even if you have a different camera. The Learn & Explore page on their website is amazing. It has a bunch of tutorials, tips, and tricks. Seriously, make sure you check this one out!

CANON USA I know some of you are Canon users so here is the Canon website where you can find tutorials on shooting with your Canon. They also feature some shooting tutorials that can be used with any DSLR brand, not just Canon.

SLR LOUNGE A great general photography website which you can use to apply towards your automotive photography. There are many tutorials on here that will benefit it you so I recommend checking them out. It’s packed full of tutorials and tips for photographers of all genres.

FSTOPPERS Another great website which features general photography tutorials but some of them can be used to help you with your automotive photography. Have a look around the site and see if anything peeks your interest. I am almost certain that you will find something that will be of benefit to you.

PEACHPIT Peachpit is an awesome website which features ebooks, articles, and blogs from all over the internet. It covers a few different topics, but the main two that I constantly look at are the Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photography sections. There are lots of gems to be found on here so have a look around.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL Many of you have probably seen my blog post on dPS titled The 5 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Car Photographers Make. This is just another general photography website where you can find all kinds of tutorials from different genres. I mainly use their site for the gear reviews they have.

POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Another one. Sorry, I just wanted to quote DJ Khaled. Anyway, here is another general photography website which has a lot of tutorials and tips on photography. They also have a contests page where you can enter by submitting your best images and have fun with it. Make sure you, at least, check out the contests page.

DIY PHOTOGRAPHY Yet another website which features general photography tips. This one is great because it shows a lot of DIY stuff for your camera and gear. There is no need to spend a ton of money on gear and other miscellaneous pieces when you can DIY most of them. Check this out if that sounds like something you would like.

FRO KNOWS PHOTO This guy is just awesome. I love the fact that he’s so real in his blog posts and videos. He also has a podcast where he talks about all kinds of stuff. There is a huge list of things on his website so you might have to dig deep to find what you want but trust me, it’s on there.

SPEEDHUNTERS If you’re a car nut then you must have heard about Speedhunters. I absolutely love the work these guys do. Not only is it a great car site but they also have a special section for photography tutorials and explanations. Larry Chen and Paddy McGrath are absolute monsters with their photography.

REDDIT Most you probably don’t know that there is a subreddit for photography. I didn’t know until Richard pointed it out to me, now I’m hooked. It’s an awesome place to get all kinds of random photography stuff. You get tutorials, some funny stuff, some questions, and everything in between.

LYNDA is a website with courses on almost every topic you can imagine. There is a great course on there by Tim Wallace which focuses on automotive photography. I recommend you take that if you want a fast and easy way to get introduced to the automotive photography world.

FLICKR MAP This is one of my most used resources. I use this a lot when looking for locations to shoot. The great thing about this is that you can explore anywhere in the world and see pictures other photographers have taken in those spots. It’s not specifically for car photographers, but it sure does help when you’re having trouble finding a cool spot to shoot. There are a lot of hidden gems in your area that you don’t know about, I guarantee it!

500PX An awesome place to host your images. Similar to Flickr but for some reason I see a lot better quality images on 500px. I feel like this one is for the professionals while Flickr is for amateurs but I know that’s not true, it just seems that way when you look at the overall experience. Either way, be sure to check it out, it might be something you’d like to use.

GOOGLE EARTH Similar to Flickr Map except you get to find a specific spot you would like to go shoot and instead of having to drive to the spot to scope it out and see how everything looks, you can just go on Google Earth and basically walk around anywhere. This is great when trying to set up a shoot in a certain spot, you can plan it out ahead of time or if you want to walk around and look for a location, you can also do that. That’s how I mainly use it, walk around virtually instead of having to drive.

GOOGLE NIK Here is a great place to find some add-ons for Photoshop and Lightroom. I have never personally used any of these simply because I like to work from scratch and no use some plugins that will change the look of my image. I know some of you prefer to make it easier on yourself and this will definitely do that by giving you a really good starting point for your edits.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP This is the very first program that I learned to use when I first started editing pictures, it is full of great features and tools. I think this is the most important program for any photographer looking to edit their pictures (and you should).

ADOBE LIGHTROOM Also a very good program for editing. I mainly use this for color correction and other little details. I start off using Lightroom on all my pictures, then once I have the lighting looking right I switch over to Photoshop and do more in-depth stuff.

MYLIO Mylio is a great way to store your images and share them across many different devices. It is fairly inexpensive at about $5/month for the Basic plan which allows you to sync up to 3 devices and store up to 50,000 photos. If you want to try them out before purchasing any of the plans, they have a free 1-month trial going on right now so make sure you take advantage of that to see if it’s the right platform for you.

YOUTUBE Yeah, I know, you already know about YouTube but how many times have you used it to look up automotive photography tutorials? If you have never looked up some tutorials on there then you are missing out because there are a lot of great tutorials by some great photographers on there. Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine, following Google? Also, make sure you Subscribe to LTSC on YouTube.

SQUARESPACE Every photographer needs to have his own portfolio website, Flickr and 500px won’t cut it. You need to have a lot more info about your business where people can contact you, see your portfolio, and read a little more about you. Squarespace is a great resource for creating your own portfolio websites.

MOO If you want to be seen as a professional in any field, you must have business cards. How else are people going to have your information? Sure, they can use your website but that takes a lot more time than taking a card out of your wallet. Moo has some of the best-looking business cards that I have seen. I used them to create business cards for my business.