I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top automotive photographers (in my opinion) and let me tell you, I was definitely not disappointed. This guy knows his stuff and you will see just that in this interview, along with some knowledge bombs that you could take and improve your car shooting and editing skills.


Without further ado here is the interview with George F. Williams, enjoy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself personally.

I’m 22 and am currently living just south of London. I’m an automotive photographer and love my job.

2. When and why did you start shooting cars?

I first picked up a camera at the age of about 15, it was as an excuse to move dad’s car (Caterham 7) round the driveway. After a while I got bored of shooting the car on the driveway so I asked some friends if I could take photos of their cars. I then did it for fun for a few years, getting my first few paid jobs as my quality stepped up. in 2011 I was at university studying Computer Science and Management Skills and decided I wanted to pursue photography instead so left to do photography full time. I haven’t looked back!

3. Are you more passionate about cars or photography?

Cars, but it’s close. I love both.

4. How long after you picked up your camera did you start post processing?

I’ve always done it ever since I picked up the camera. I see it as an integral part of my photography.

5. If you could choose one automotive photographer to shadow for 1 day, who would it be and why?

A fashion photographer. Probably Perou. I’d learn a lot more from this than by shadowing a car photographer I think. I’ve never shadowed another photographer although I have helped a few when they’ve needed someone to help them in the past.

6. What is ONE most important thing that can make or break a shot?

I’d like to think I can get good photos in pretty much any situation now, you have to when doing it professionally. A really good shot isn’t about one aspect, it’s when everything comes together, perfect, location, light, car, technique then retouching after.

7. Can you share you best and worst shots along with the dates they were shot?

Not very easily as I’m away working this week. My favorite work is what is on my website and my worst work is from a long time ago when I started!

8. What is the best tip that you received and why is it so important?

Always shoot raw. I got told this quite early on luckily, once I learnt the power of raw I haven’t shot jpg since for good reason. It gives a lot more flexibility in post.

9. What is the number one thing you want the LTSC community to take away from this?

Lots of people ask me how they could become a car photographer, I think the most appropriate response is say to people that if you want something bad enough you’ll make it happen. I’m self taught over many years of obsessing over every detail of my photos and am always focused on improving my work, even now I’m working on a big shoot for my portfolio. So go have fun, but if you want to be good don’t ever think you’re good. I still feel I have a long way to go!

10. Where can we find your portfolio and a way to contact you? or through my Facebook page


That’s all folks

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you take some of that advice and implement it into your own photography, I know I will.

Make sure you check out his work, trust me, you will be blown away by all the awesomeness on his page.

You may be wondering why there were no questions about camera gear. Well, that’s because I think there is already way too much information about gear out there and I don’t think the gear is too important when it comes to shooting. It’s about the person behind the camera and how they see beauty. Besides, I’m sure he gets asked about his gear all the time.

Until next time LTSC, remember no one picks up a camera and is a beast right off the bat, so don’t be discouraged because your shots don’t look like George’s. Take his beautiful shots as motivation and keep striving for greatness!


But wait, there’s more

Before you leave, I want to show you something that I think will help out. It directly relates to GF Williams because it’s one of his blog posts that I found while browsing his website. To get a glimpse of his editing skills, check out the GF Williams Retouching Blog Post.

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