Now I know what you’re thinking, Open and Save, everyone can do that. Yes, pretty much everyone can open a file and save a file but with Photoshop there are so many different ways to do this I decided to make a guide on opening and saving images as part of another episode of Understanding Photoshop.


We’ll start off by opening a file, so go on File > Open and select an image that you would like to work on.

Great, now we have the image. Let’s do some adjustments, make the colors look good, and everything else you want to make your image stand out.


Now that the image is ready to be saved, let’s go ahead and save it. There are multiple ways to save an image:


Save – This saves the image only if it isn’t a New file. It will replace the original image without even asking if you’re sure.

Save As – This allows you to save the image wherever you want, under whatever file name you want and any format.

Save for Web – This is one I use the most. It not only saves the image wherever you want but it also enhances the images in a sense. When you use the regular Save As button, for some reason Photoshop decides to lower the quality of your images when you post them online. I found that the best way to save an image that you plan on posting online is using the Save for Web option.


This is a shorter post but I just had to tell everyone about the Save for Web and how it has saved me from posting bad quality photos. You’ll be surprised how much better your images look once you start implementing this.

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