Lately I have been watching a lot of video tutorials and that seems like the best way for me to learn new techniques. Since they help me out, I have decided that instead of a new tutorial this week, I would show you guys the top 5 video tutorials that I have seen over the past few months. I believe these will greatly help you improve your editing skills and let you see how different people have their own techniques (as should you).

Anyway, here the the 5 video tutorials to help you understand the editing process of car photography.

1. Retouching Car Photos! [Adobe Lightroom 4 + Photoshop CS6] by InfuzedMedia

This is pretty much just the basics of editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. This should give you a good example of all of the basic stuff you can do in both of those programs. Jimmy gives you tips and techniques on improving your car photography by doing some post-processing to your images to enhance its looks.

2. Automotive Photography: Basic Editing in Lightroom by DCoyne13

Here is another video of the basic editing done in Lightroom. The reaosn I’m posting 2 videos of just the basics because I think the basics are the most important. You need to master the basics before you move on to the more advanced stuff. And besides, you can never watch too many videos of the same stuff because everyone has different techniques. You will be surprised how many different things you can learn by watching videos of similar editing.

3. Photoshop – Creating Artificial Light Bursts by InfuzedMedia

This one is a little more advanced than the previous two but it’s not hard. This video shows you how you can add sunflares to your images to make it seem like the sun is in the image. It’s pretty simple if you follow what Jimmy says and shouldn’t take too long to accomplish. You really want to pay attention to the lighting of the image because if you put the flare somewhere that doesn’t make sense then it will just ruin your image. Play close attention to where the sun was originally located and where the shadows are to determine the best spot for your sunflare.

4. Automotive Photography: Lightpaint Editing Tutorial with a Lamborghini Aventador by DCoyne13

Ah yes! Light painting. I love light painting because it is fun to actually go out and do and the results are amazing. Here we have David showing us how to edit a light painting by first adjusting the basics in Lightroom and then combining them in Photoshop. I have already done a tutorial on light painting but it’s probably easier to follow the video than it is to read an article. It’s a pretty lenghty video but very in-depth.

5. MOC Photos Automotive Photography Editing Part 1 and 2 by Misael Olivera

Here we have a video by Misael which is very in-depth and is probably my favorite video on YouTube. You know what they say, save the best for last! Here is a 2 part video which goes from the very beginning to the end where he completely changes up the mood and look of the shot. He replaces the background, sky, adds some sunflare, adjusts the color, etc… Pretty much everything you can think of is in these videos. The first one is all about adjusting the colors of the image in Lightroom and getting it ready for Photoshop. The second video shows everything done in Photoshop and replaced the background (this video features a lot of layers).

Part 1

Part 2

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked this style of posts please let me know in a comment below. If you’d much rather see the regular tutorials like I have been doing, I would also like to know. So just let me know what you think!

Don’t forget to check out the Learn To Shoot Cars YouTube for more tutorials.

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