On the last Understanding Photoshop, I shared my number one tip for faster and quicker workflow and briefly explained what windows I’m working with in Photoshop. In this post, I will tell you about all of the tools in the Tools Panel, which you should have read a little about in the last post.


It may seem like a lot, and that’s because it really is a lot! But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, to tell you what each one of those tools is so you can understand your Tools Panel.


All of the tools have a little triangle on the bottom right except the Move and the Zoom tools. What these triangles mean are just that that are more tools within that tool. If you right-click on any tool (we’ll use the Crop tool) you will see other a list of other tools that you can use like Perspective Crop, Slice, and Slice Select.

Essentially, there are more tools than you see on the Tools Panel, they’re just hidden under the other tools. You just have to remember what each tool does and what other tools could be put in the same category as that one so you can just right-click and select another tool from there.


It would take a really long time to explain each and every tool, which is why I won’t do it on here. Every time I use a new tool in a future tutorial I will cover what that tool does and come back here and update the list as we go, or maybe just have a different list with just the explanations of each tool, we’ll see.

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